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There are no surgeries to mend human emotions. In addition to the physical challenges, the surgical procedures, and the uncertainty of what lies ahead, entering into the life of an amputee can be a cause for fear, anxiety, and even depression. For most people, their lives are immediately divided into the before and after the amputation. Fortunately, this is a hill that has been conquered by others before you or your loved one. So much so, that we now have experts in the art of conquering amputation recovery and prothesis engagement.

SKY is a highly personable, well proven provider of prosthetic experiences and tools for thousands of customers. It has gathered all the necessary components to provide you with the excellent, detailed oriented, and compassionate service you deserve during this challenging experience. SKY takes pride in utilizing the latest technology for the development of a perfect customization of prothesis. It specializes in the production of highly detailed upper extremities prosthetics, and offers in house manufacturing with the latest findings in the world of robotics and biomedical engineering.

Just like in the initial stages of your medical experience, there are well prepared, compassionate experts ready to be by your side during the next step of your journey. Although most individuals who face amputation draw enough courage to face this challenge head on, some may be overcome by emotions which may discourage them from pursuing the freedom provided by a prosthetic tool. Sky has developed a genuinely caring patient experience that will not only care for your body, but will also emphasize on your emotional and state of mind during the process.

The journey with SKY begins with an initial hospital visit by the ever caring and compassionate Carla Bisanti. Herself an amputee, Carla is highly understanding of both the physical and emotional journey you have begun. “We seek to establish a long-term relationship, not a business transaction” she says. “We understand that we will continue to connect with you in order to make your prothesis experience both effective and comfortable”. From there, a group of biomedical experts will work with you to perfect the fitting and maximum comfort of your prothesis.

There are many unanswered questions in the loss of a limb and the engagement of a prosthetic, the biggest one of all may be: “should I even bother with a prothesis, or should I make due with what I have left?” Carla Bisanti from SKY yes! “You owe yourself the independence and dignity of it”.