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Real Talk with Real Patients

SKY Peer Visitor, Albert Perez, had the unique opportunity to meet with several patients to share the stories of their journey as amputees, and their experience with SKY. They shared their concerns, struggles, experiences, and successes. Their stories empower new or future amputees to know that there is life after amputation!

From left to right: Donald Young,
Wilfredo “Wolf” Benjamin, Albert Perez,
Stephanie Perez, Randal Carter
Donald Young

” This is not the end, you will only be driven to do more! “

I lost my leg due to a motorcycle accident, after 14 surgical attempts to save it. Today, I still enjoy riding my bike and as a Certified Harley Davidson Technician, I try to find ways to allow other amputees to modify their bikes to allow them to continue riding as well. Clem at SKY is awesome, I mentioned to him that I wanted to run again and he was able to create a transitional leg that has to allow me to start jogging.

Stephanie Perez

” It’s going to be okay! “

I had my amputation on August 13th of this year. I don’t think I could have done it with anyone but Sky. Alberto met me 4 days after my surgery to provide support, which made a huge difference. I have already returned to work and I still drive and I feel complete freedom with my prosthetic.

Wilfredo ``Wolf`` Benjamin

” Your life is just beginning and always make sure your socket is fitted properly! “

I have been an amputee for 22 years. It was also difficult to find support, and SKY was the only company that really listened to what my needs were. Being an amputee did not slow me down. I still do everything I want to do, I just had to do it a little differently.

Randall Carter

” Find someone you can talk to and that cares for you! “

I have been an amputee for 14 years. My previous company never provided services at home. SKY comes out to your house, they were the only ones that would, especially when the pandemic got bad. Working with SKY has been the best care that I’ve ever had.