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Geoff Webb, LCPO
Prosthetist & Orthotist
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"I help people become themselves again."

Geoff believes that prosthetists see “patients that are going through… the hardest time in their life, and we get to play a main role in their comeback story.” The most rewarding aspect of his experience with his patients has been helping them find their way back to who they used to be and seeing them rediscover their happiness.

During Geoff’s internship, he met a patient that had just experienced a below-the-knee amputation at the local hospital. After introducing himself, his patient seemed very familiar. This patient happened to be an old family friend who he hadn’t see in a while. Geoff had always known her to be wheelchair-bound, but she had since lost her eyesight and her leg from diabetes. Helping this particular patient stand and ultimately help her take her first steps was a defining moment for Geoff.

Geoff enjoys being a part of the SKY team because it feels more like a family rather than just a place of work. The SKY team radiates great energy and fully embodies a family atmosphere that allows Geoff to feel at home with his patients and his coworkers.

Specialty Prosthetist & Orthotist
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