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Clem Newbold

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Clem Newbold
LCP Prosthetist
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“I want you to be a prosthetist because you can help people.”

Clem wasn’t always set on a career in Prosthetics. He was initially studying in North Carolina to become a weatherman. Around this time, Clem’s mother was diagnosed with cancer. On a trip back from visiting his mother in Florida, Clem’s car broke down. During this time, Clem’s sister was dating a prosthetist who invited Clem to go to work with him while his car got fixed. It was on this day that Clem opened the door to “the coolest industry” he’s ever seen. He discovered an industry where he could work with his hands AND help people. Clem’s interests are broad, but his mother inspired him to always help others.

Clem has a passion for cycling that’s taken him all over the world. In 1992, the same year Clem started his professional career in Orthotics & Prosthetics, he rode his bike alongside his father across the United States. Clem started competing in races and through his dedication and perseverance, Clem ultimately won the state championship in 2003. The same year Clem became a state champ, he had an exciting opportunity presented to him by an old cycling friend, Ron Williams, a paralympic athlete. Having introduced road bikes to Ron, Clem was excited to hear that Ron wanted his help developing a custom prosthetic leg to use in the 2004 Paralympic Games in Athens, Greece.

Clem, with the help of his brother-in-law, designed a prosthesis that was able to clip a pedal to the bottom of the device. Ron went on to win a silver and bronze medal in Greece that year. It was at this fulfilling full-circle moment that Clem's mother's words rang true: “I want you to be a prosthetist because you can help people.” Clem uses the same dedication and perseverance used to achieve his personal goals to help his patients reach their finish lines. He explains that "If you follow a consistent process, you can climb any mountain you want”. Clem has never been more excited to be a prosthetist. He looks forward to not only seeing patients move mental and emotional mountains with the help of the SKY team, but literally & physically climb them as well.

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