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Anthony Wilkerson
PT. DPT, Physical Therapist
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“Realize what they are still capable of achieving”

Dr. Wilkerson developed an interest in non-traditional physical therapy roles after working with veterans & war-time amputees. His oldest living relative, Christine, was a bilateral amputee making his connection to the field intimate and personal. With Sky, Dr. Wilkerson saw a unique non-traditional opportunity to not only be a resource for patients but also impact the field. Incorporating physical therapy services into a prosthetic company allows patients to have consistent access to education and care on their road to recovery.

Dr. Wilkerson saw that Sky’s innovation will bridge existing gaps. He saw a path to actively assist patients in reaching their full potential and not “fall through the cracks” as he saw happen with his great aunt Christine. She only wore her prosthetic legs to church but never walked in them. Dr. Wilkerson loves being able to encourage and empower his patients. He enjoys seeing the effect that his role has in reducing limitations. He enjoys guiding orthotic and prosthetic patients every step of the way.

Helping them “realize what they are still capable of achieving”, regardless of limb loss, is his favorite part of the job! Bridging the Gaps Dr. Wilkerson assists patients by: Providing care & education anytime (even before amputation) Being available anywhere (home visits, hospital visits, and more) Re-assessing old devices and their function

Specialty PT. DPT, Physical Therapist
Degrees PT. DPT, Physical Therapist
Training PT. DPT, Physical Therapist
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